Stormberg is Norway´s most selling brand for clothing for outdoor and hiking activities. Through focusing on design and practical solutions, Stormberg is developing outdoor clothing that allows the whole family to be well equipped for small and big adventures in all types of weather.

Stormberg was established in 1998, by Steinar J. Olsen. Since then, Stormberg has achieved a strong growth, from 4 employees and 3.8 million NOK in turnover the first year, to over 320 employees and 330 million NOK in turnover in 2018. Distribution is carried out through the company´s more than 40 stores in Norway and through Stormberg’s online stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

When Stormberg started up, the market was characterized by and populated with expensive outdoor clothing. Consumers could find high quality sports clothes to a high price. We did not question the quality of these products; however, the price seemed to be too expensive for an ordinary Norwegian family. There was also cheaper clothing for sale, however; with questionable quality. Our ambition has all the way been to design and produce clothes so everybody can enjoy the pleasure of being active, with quality products at a reasonable price.

Stormberg’s vision is «Outdoors for everyone».

Stormberg is an enterprise with a strong focus on environmental issues and social responsibility, and all our products are climate neutral. We have a mission of making the world a better place. Due to this, 1 % of our turnover is set aside for humanitarian issues and community projects. Sustainability is a part of Stormberg´s DNA and it is reflected in our business strategies, our values and in our daily practices. We care about people, and we want to run a company with as little negative influence on our environment as possible.

In April 2019 Norwegian consumers ranked Stormberg as the most sustainable company in the clothing industry in Europe’s Largest Brand Study On Sustainability, Sustainable Brand Index (

Stormberg has developed an inclusive work life program. One quarter (25%) of the workforce should be persons with a different and troublesome background, including unskilled people, earlier convicts and drug-abusers. Today, a considerable part of our workforce belongs to this group, and they have acquired the needed skills through work.

Norwegian consumers have ranked Stormberg as the second most innovative company in terms of “social innovation” in Norway in 2019, and among top 10 innovative companies. (

In Stormberg, we are concerned with building good long-term relationships with those we purchase from. Many of the factories that produce for us have been with us ever since we started more than 20 years ago.

Stormberg´s products should be sold at low prices – but not at all costs. We have a responsibility for those who make our clothes at factories around the world, they should have good working conditions and a salary they can live from. This responsibility trumps short-term gains and gives us a good basis for sustainable production.

Stormberg became a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative in Norway (IEH), in September 2002, as the first of outdoor clothing retailer in Norway. We did this because we wanted to increase expertise in the field of ethical trade, strengthen our ethical and social commitment and be able to implement improvements in the supply chain. In 2010 Stormberg also became member of the UN Global Compact.

After years of commitment and focus on ethical trade, we see that we cannot afford not to keep this focus. Stable and satisfied workers deliver quality and precision over and over at a price that makes it profitable to work with them over time.

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