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We at Stormberg do not think we can change the world, we know we can, at least a tiny part of it.

Stormberg is a commercial business and as such must earn money. Our results, however, are created in a way that is positive for the community.

Stormberg's articles of association states that 1% of its turnover will be used towards humanitarian and socially beneficial projects. Therefore, we are funding an SOS Children's Village in China, we provide new and used clothing for less fortunate families in Eastern Europe, we buy carbon offsets that contribute to the financing of a wind power project in China and we also pay for activities and welfare services for children in crisis centers around Norway.

Our 1% contribution, in the big picture is less than a drop in the ocean; however, if our commitment makes everyday life a little easier for someone in need, then this means a lot.

Many thanks to all of you who bought Stormberg's products and therefore, contributed to the 1% share that continues to grow!

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