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Hooray, we ‘ve got 779 million new Customers! Well … Potential Customers, at least. Can you imagine? If all 779 million Customers marched into our stores at the same time? The queue outside each shop would probably be nearly 1,000 kilometers long. Now that would be a challenge. 

It’s good that we have found another solution. Online stores are open around the clock in all time zones. Everything that we have in stock is available at all times.

When we launched our Norwegian online store back in 2008, our goal was to be the best in online shopping and Customer service in Norway. In 2010 and 2013 we won the much respected prize “Årets nettbutikk” (“The best online shop in Norway”).


Now the world is out there for us to conquer. We launched our Swedish online store in 2012, and the official launch date for 21 new countries is today, April 15th, 2014. Our goal is now to be not only the best in Norway, but the best in the world when it comes to e-commerce and Customer service in sports and outdoor clothing. How can such an ambitious goal be achieved? By listening to our Customers, and what they have to say about the products themselves as well as the shopping experience and service they received.

Each month around 4,000 Customers contact our Customer Service. And our job is to do our best to make sure that those 4,000 Customers are happy with the service. Whether the Customers speak Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish or English. That is why we have new people with variable language skills in our consulting team. Bonjour, good afternoon, hola, moi , privet and cześć! Every time the phone rings it could be coming from any of the 23 different countries. Now that is when flexibility and goal-orientedness come in useful.


Part of our friendly (and international) Customer service team.

We really hope that you have had good experiences with us and let us know how we can become your favorite supplier of sports and outdoor clothing!

Hege -Stormberger



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  1. Wow, a dream coming true! Been hoping for international shipping for almost 5 years. =) Mange takk!

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